Salt is Angelina Jolie's new action film, in which she plays a spy accused of being a double-agent, forcing her to go on the run and lots of stuff to blow up to keep things exciting. Obviously Angelina was there and she is a very, very beautiful woman. See her beautiful face. So beautiful.

Angelina Jolie at the Salt premiere

But she looks a bit scarily thin at the moment. Why, Angelina? Enjoy yourself; have a pie. You're totally awesome, being mega-skinny will not make you awesomer. Be curvy again. Have some fun.

angelina jolie and brad pitt at the Salt premiere

Looking totally superb at the premiere was Amber Heard. She's not even in the bloody film. She just turned up to look incredible and make everybody fall quite a lot in love with her. Look at the picture below and try not to fall instantly head-over-heels.

Amber Heard at the Salt premiere

Couldn't manage it, could you? She's made of magic.

Amber Heard at the Salt premiere

Whatever we write here now you're probably not reading it. You're just looking at the pictures, quite rightly. There once a girl who begat, three children called Nat, Pat and Tat. It was fun in the breeding, but hell in the feeding, when she found there was no tit for Tat.

Amber Heard at the Salt premiere

Gibbon. Snorkel. Dental floss. Bassoon. Ginger ale. See, nobody reading anymore. Except you. We like you, you're the best one.

Watch a trailer for Salt, if you want. 


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