So your full name is Amerie Mamamalfi or something. How the hell do you pronounce that?
Am-mer-ie Mi Marie Rogers. I know, it’s a real tongue twister! Just call me Amerie.

What would you say is the nerdiest thing about you?
I’m addicted to the videogame The Sims. I made a virtual friend and live out a virtual life online. ?It’s seriously cool, but kind of dorky I guess. I got [former Destiny’s Child member] Kelly Rowland into it too, and now we hook up inside the game. Beyoncé tried to join us, but she wasn’t that into it. She looked at us and was like, “Er? You play every day, you losers?”

Have you ever entered the other virtual realm, Second Life?
I tried it. It was like what was going on with The Sims, but not as cool.

Did you see the horse?
No. What horse?

Well, when FHM went into Second Life, loose women were molesting its virtual penis…
What? The horse’s penis? There are some sick people out there.

You starred in the movie First Daughter – do you think you’ll be returning to films any time soon?
Never mind that! So these people were doing sexual things to a horse? A virtual horse? Like intercourse between a woman and a beast?

Oh God! I’ve never heard of anything like this in my life. At least they’re doing it in the virtual life, not to a real horse. Those sickos! I bet they’re just playing Second Life so they can make enough money to buy a real horse to have sex with.



Probably. Do you think it scares blokes that you’re not just hot, but smart?
No. If a man’s intimidated by a smart woman, he’s not really worth the time. Wouldn’t you say that most guys find intelligence really sexy?

Well, yeah, intelligence and boobs. What do you think is your sexiest asset?
Probably my eyes or my legs.

You sing about your neck being kissed too. Is that a turn-on?
Yeah, but I think all girls like to get their neck kissed. It’s hot. Hot and also kind of ticklish.

We hear you’re half Korean. Are you treated like a goddess every time you go to Korea?
I do have great support there, yes. It totally shocked me the last time I was out there actually – I thought everyone would be so conservative, and then I see these Korean videos and I can’t believe my eyes. There’s all this flesh flying about. And then you walk around Seoul and all the girls are wearing the shortest skirts in the world. You just wouldn’t believe how skimpy they are.

Did you have a really harsh Korean upbringing then?
It wasn’t totally strict but it was pretty conservative. It applied to everything – who I was seeing, the clothes I was wearing, when I could go near boys, everything. When I was at college, spaghetti strap tops were really in fashion and my mum didn’t like them at all.



What does she make of your videos now? You’re almost naked in them, jiggling around…
She’s really critical. Mum doesn’t pull any punches. When things look great, she’ll tell me, but if it looks bad she’ll tell me straight too. It keeps you on your toes, I guess.

We read that you grew up on a military base. Have you ever owned a tank?
I’ve been in a tank if that helps. My dad was in the marines while I was growing up, so I lived in various army bases. It meant we travelled around the world a lot, seeing different cultures, so it was a pretty good way of growing up.

Did you ever get to shoot stuff?
Yeah, I did! I fired an M16 assault rifle. I did this whole training thing, which I didn’t take that seriously because I always knew I wanted to be a singer, not a soldier. But I also knew if I did it, I’d get to shoot that gun. It was the most fun I’ve ever had.

You look like quite a girly girl, are you secretly really hard and trained to kill?
I can defend myself definitely. I’m totally a girly girl now, but at school I was a complete tomboy. Now I’m all into make-up, dressing up and girly things. I like to be treated like a princess. I like a man to spoil me!

Really? Where should a bloke take you on a date then?
I think you should take me for a meal then a movie. People have done that for generations for a reason. You don’t have to talk so much, and you can relax without the pressure of having to converse all the time. Mind you, the last time I went on that combination, the guy totally blew it. I never spoke to him again because he didn’t leave a tip at the restaurant. I didn’t like that. On the way to the cinema I was thinking, did he not enjoy the meal or is he just tight? I got my answer at the cinema when he didn’t offer to buy me popcorn.

Finally, two of our colleagues from FHM’s brother title Arena claim to have “flirted” with you at an Armani party. Are they fibbing?
Oh wow, yeah. I remember those guys, they were soooooo nice. I talked to them for a long time actually. We did hang out, I really liked those guys, they were cool.

Are you a sucker for an English bloke with a posh voice then?
Definitely, I think most girls are. One of my favourite movies is Match Point, just because of the accents. “Oh gosh, could you please pass the pâté.” When I read, I like to do it in an English accent even just in my head. It’s so funny. If I ever have kids, I’m going to raise them in England just so they’ll talk back to me in their cute little voices.

Original interview by Lee Coan in the July 2007 issue of FHM UK magazine