Back in 1999, NATO bombed the crap out of Belgrade. On the ground, Ana Ivanovic was busy dodging the aerial fire while perfecting her tennis. Now Serbia's sexiest export is fast becoming a bombshell in her own right. Prior to her - ahem - teasingly brief performance at Wimbledon, the Serbian sensation was only too happy to lounge around a pool in slinky swimsuits.

And better still? She was equally adept at volleying back a barrage of tennis-related innuendo (including grunting) from FHM's Ben Wilson. This, gentlemen, is the shoot in its entirety. You can read the full interview in the August issue of FHM, but here are our childishly favourite bits:

"Female tennis players have big egos, so it's very hard for us to sit together. We get jealous easily."

"Loud groans help make summoning all that power easier."

"Most of the time, I just dance the salsa and do the tango in my bedroom by myself."