On Sunday January 23 2010, the German tennis player Andrea Petkovic beat the Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova in straight sets, 6-2 6-3, at the Australian Open. Then, after going to the net to shake Sharapova’s hand and give her some “remember when you used to be good?” eyes, 23-year-old Petkovic did an amazing little dance. It’s exactly the same amazing little dance that you can watch in the video above.

This amazing little dance is not the first amazing little dance that Andrea Petkovic has done to celebrate winning a tennis match. Here is another one, from the US Open:

Wow! Andrea Petkovic’s little dance is totally a ‘thing’! The best female tennis player in Germany has a ‘thing’! The lady who was born in Tuzla in Bosnia-Herzegovina has a ‘thing’! And she knows it, which is why, on her YouTube channel, you can watch her teach people how to do what has become known as the Petko-Dance.

We very rarely get excited about what tennis players do in their spare time. We’re not bothered, for example, about which side of the bed Rafael Nadal sleeps. We don’t, for example, pay much attention to what Venus Williams likes to have to drink when she’s eating a fish dinner. And we never, for example, spend a couple of minutes having a think how many Maltesers Pete Sampras can fit in his mouth. But we’ve made an exception for Andrea Petkovic, because she’s brilliant.

On Tuesday January 25 2010, the German tennis player Andrea Petkovic lost to the Chinese tennis player Li Na in straight sets, 6-2 6-4, at the Australian Open.