Angelina Jolie stars in the upcoming film Salt, in which she'll play a CIA agent who is accused of being a spy and goes on the run to clear her name. Who framed her? Or is she really a spy? We don't know, we've not seen it yet. What we do know is that there are some new stills from the film, all of which feature Angelina in spy mode, which is a great mode.

Angelina Jolie with a gun in Salt

Originally, the film was supposed to star Tom Cruise - who is a man. But he dropped out, so they replaced him with Angelina Jolie - who is a woman. They can do that in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie on a motorbike in Salt

We wonder what other Tom Cruise films might have looked like if Tom Cruise had been replaced with Angelina Jolie. Pretty much exactly like this.

This is a trailer for Salt. No lie.