AnnaLynne McCord could be an alien, we're not sure, we're just going on the big shiny space bling she's rocking on her hand, but she could be. Why is she here on Earth? We don't know, but we can surmise why she might be, with some ridiculous guesses. Which we will.

1 \ Inter-species breeding.

We can hope that her lonely planet, sent a lone sexy ranger in to the vast expanse of space to get down and dirty with human men, rather than anything practical like getting technology or probing cows.

2 \ To destroy the human race. 

This is probably our least favourite option, because we would die, which would suck, because it's Friday. It would be much better to die on a Monday or a Tuesday, because then, you know, you've had the weekend and that to live your life to the full. And catch up on Hollyoaks.

3 \ To play Call of Duty.

Lord knows, that we love Call of Duty, you love Call of Duty and no doubt, when our martian mates come flying on down, they'll love Call of Duty too, before you can say: "YOU JUST GOT JUST GOT PWNED, MOTHER SUCKAA!!"

So, in conclusion. AnnaLynne  McCord could be an alien. But is probably just wearing odd jewellery.