Victoria's Secret models Bar Refaeli and Miranda Kerr have the power to control the weather with their superhuman hotness. In your face, actual qualified scientists and Bond villains!

The pair headed to the beach to take pictures of each other for the new issue of V magazine. They just put on tiny bikinis then played around on the beach snapping photos. That's what supermodels do, because they're givers. They want people to be happy. See, Bar even made a rainbow with her hands. Even prismatic tricks of the light are fans of supermodels.

Rumours that the girls finished up their day by practicing kissing and having a pillow fight are completely unsubstantiated but totally true, and if you say different you're kind of annoying and none of your friends actually like you.

Head to V's website for more photos from the article and some artsy fartsy stuff.

Four highlights from Bar Refaeli/Miranda Kerr archive:

1/ Bar Refaeli gets sexy and bendy for water

2/ Bar Refaeli for Passionata

3/ Miranda Kerr goes down under in a swimsuit

4/ Watch Miranda Kerr trying on bikinis