25-year-old mega model Bar Refaeli appears in the new issue of V Magazines Sexy Bodies Issue and unsurprisingly is really sexy, and even better than that they’ve done her up a bit like an 80’s Playboy model. The mega model is currently dating Leonardo DiCaprio and is basically having an amazing time in life. When asked why people think she’s sexy, Refaeli had something of an epiphany. “Why do people think I’m sexy? Maybe it’s the fact that I have boobs.” Maybe it is Bar, maybe it is.

Bar also offers a harrowing insight in to what life is like for one of the worlds most sought after models. “When I work - wake up very early, go to location, have breakfast, start make up and hair, start shooting. A break for lunch - continue with work. And when I'm done, I just like to go back to the hotel, take a nice shower and go to bed!!! When I'm not working - wake up, have breakfast, I go to gym and usually spend the day with my friends or familymostly on the beach or at home.” Our heart bleeds.