There are two things that we feel pretty confident in saying FHM readers are big fans of: Attractive ladies and big LOLs. The video above features both, which is excellent.

It's very easy to make fun of the Miss Universe beauty contest, so why not give it a go. The man on this video did, chatting over pictures of pretty contestants from around the world and making fun of them when they say things that are a bit stupid and go for a ride on an inflatable amphibian. Good.

Other stories that have literally nothing whatsoever to do with the Miss Universe contest, unless you count the fact that they are about women who are not married and live within the boundaries of the universe. But where are the boundaries of the universe? Who can say? It's an unanswerable question, so let's not bother.

1/ Kelly Brook wearing lingerie

2/ Upgrade girlfriend Danica: The wallpaper

3/ Vanessa Hudgens plays at being a hooker