Blake Lively is in the new issue of Vogue, and if there were ever something that could persuade us to buy a magazine about shoes and hair clips and how to be a better woman through wearing big hats (or something), then this is it. Fortunately we have the internet so we don't have to do that. Blake Lively is bloody extraordinary and has, frankly, never looked better.

The Gossip Girl actress is pretty much perfect. She has the body of a comic book super heroine, seems not totally vacuous and boring and generally Hollywood, and likes wearing white bikinis. The only thing better than wearing a white bikini is no longer wearing a white bikini.

Look at her. Just look at her. Extraordinary. Look not too long lest you be blinded by her golden light.

And look again, she's carrying a surf board. There is literally nothing Blake Lively can't do.

You can find more images on the Vogue website, but be warned, the first photo of Blake is accompanied, inexplicably, by some dandyish looking chap wearing a wetsuit and an actual suit at the same time. That was weird.

Hey, who wants to see a video of Blake Lively doing a photoshoot and looking a bit like she's naked? Of course you bloody do!