Yesterday we reported* on Kelly Brook's new Reebok billboard that sees her naked except for a pair of trainers. Well, this story just keeps on developing. And by 'developing' we mean that there are now more pictures of her at the launch and we thought you might want to see them.

Here is picture number one, in which Kelly Brook stands on one leg, which we think is meant to suggest how exercisey Reetone shoes are. Feel the burn.

Kelly Brook Reetone Naked Advert

Here is picture number two, in which Kelly shows you the benefits of using very expensive trainers. It probably helps if you start out already possessing the world's best body.

Kelly Brook Reetone Rear View

Here is picture number three, in which Kelly stands to one side of her billboard, magically displaying both her front and rear at the same time, like some kind of sexy magician.

Kelly Brook Reetone Naked Billboard

More news on Kelly Brook doing stuff in trainers as we get it (this probably might be it). Hey let's watch the bottomrific Reetone advert again, yeah? Excellent.


*We like to use this word sometimes because it makes us sounds like old timey journalists who wear hats with cards reading 'PRESS' tucked into the band, rather than silly boys who write about pretty ladies and make fart jokes.

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