Britney Spears is kooky. Not kooky in the sense that she buys too many cats and only eats pickled eggs. She is the kind of kooky lady that shaves her head and wants to get cryogenically frozen.

That’s right Britney Spears wants to do-a-Walt-Disney. Even though Walt was never actually frozen. So technically she wants to do-a-T1000 and get frozen in liquid nitrogen. Preferably without being blown to bits afterwards.

Britney invested in the Alcor Life Extension Foundation – which then sparked her interest in the idea of being frozen. Apparently there is also no actual technology that can revive the people-popsicles at the moment, but they hope there will be…eventually.

Potentially by the time you’re eighty-odd and almost dead, Britney could be bopping around the pop scene one more time.

To help you get your head around the idea of a frozen Britney, here is a picture of her looking cold. Now just imagine she was about –160 degrees colder and you kind of have a picture of what she is forking out for.