You presented the show to find a new INXS singer. Do you think the winner will ever hang himself while masturbating?
To be honest, I think he’s going to be a great front man. He’s very sexy but quite bizarre at the same time so, yeah he’s still a bit out there like Michael was. He’s just one sexy motherfucker.

Is that a yes? He’s going to tie himself to a door to crack one out?
Well he probably won’t hang himself wanking, but I wouldn’t put anything past him.

You’ve also starred in computer game Need For Speed 2 – are you inundated by geek stalkers?
You know, yeah. But I don’t discriminate. I love geeks, they’re so uncensored. They’re just comfortable in their own skin and don’t know any better, that’s kind of hot.

Would you ever pull one… online?
There’s something to be said for it, as it’s purely an intellectual attraction online. But for me, the chemistry and sexual part of a relationship is huge. You could be totally stimulated but I’d leave it just at the phone sex. In reality your online partner might be horrible!

You said “the S word”!
Well, yes. The problem is, all you guys want me to talk about is my boobs. You all come from a slightly different angle and then just focus on what I’ve said about boobs! It’s alright I guess, but ask me about cars!

Okay. Erm, what car do you drive? We’re not very good at this…
I’ve sold my Ferrari and now I have a Hummer. And I just bought a Bentley as a birthday present to myself. I just got divorced, so I deserved it.

How fast have you gone?
Well I drove a Porsche on the autobahn in Germany at the car’s limit – it was somewhere around the 180mph area. I used to drive my Ferrari down this great stretch of desert on the road to Arizona too. Last time I got two tickets in an hour, and then there was a cop-car waiting for me at the state border to arrest me.

Can’t you just flash a boob and they’ll let you off?
Well that’s half the problem – they see a hot girl doing 160 in a Ferrari and they simply have to pull her over. They expect me to flutter my eyelashes, lower my top and ask for forgiveness. I’m like, “Gimme the damn ticket!” so I can get going again.

What’s the best car to have sex in?
My Bentley’s quite small – it’s only a two-door, but it’s possible to do it in there. Creatively you can work it out. I’d like to say my truck. You know, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – if you need it, you can make it work in any car. And I find big engines hot. There’s definitely something sexy about a man revving a big engine. I do love a guy who knows how to handle his ride. This is turning out to be a very dirty interview you know…

Sorry. You once played Naked Twister on your E! Wild On show. Can we talk about that?
Sure, that was hilarious – we did it in Jamaica. Unfortunately in the States we have to cut out all the nudity so it got canned. But when you watch it in some parts of the world all the nudity comes back.

Is Naked Twister fun, or just a horrible way to get a cock in the eye?
A bit of both. I stood back from it myself. I guess it depends on who’s playing.

Having travelled the world with Wild On, where do you find the hottest women?
Rio. I think that Brazilian women are just incredibly sexy – they have the guitar shaped bodies, chocolate skin, and sex is a way of life out there. It’s incredible. They inspired my bikini line actually.



What should we go for when trying to buy the missus a sexy bikini?
Guys always get it totally wrong. You have to get the fit right first. The tighter and smaller the bottoms the better. Your woman needs something that complements her body.

Like a leather thong?
No! You know I don’t personally find thongs sexy at all. And if you can’t find something that complements the curves of your butt, you shouldn’t wear anything at all.

So it’s okay to go nude on the beach, if you can’t find the right bikini?
Yeah. I had my first experience of a nude beach in Ibiza. As an American, getting totally naked on a public beach was quite a big deal for me. I was just getting comfortable then I saw my dentist walking towards me. He lives in LA! What the hell was he doing on a beach in Ibiza while I’m naked? I didn’t know whether to cover myself or pretend I sunbathe naked all the time.

Was he naked?
No – which was quite suspicious. I never went back to him again. Maybe if he’d been naked too, it would have been very different.

We’ve heard a rumour that you’re obsessed by men’s feet. Is this true?
Yeah, you can tell a lot about a person from their feet. If a man isn’t taking care of his stinky feet, he’s probably not taking care of other stinky areas.

Could you ever have sex with a man who had a verruca?
I’m sorry, what the hell is a verruca?

It’s like a foot wart…
Could I ever do a man who had a foot wart? Are you fucking kidding me? What if that thing accidentally touched me in bed? That’s disgusting. I couldn’t even go with a man who had his foot wart removed at the doctors. He’d have to get amputation before I’d even let him kiss me.

As a genuine Arizona cowgirl have you ever shot anything?
Oh yeah, totally. I grew up shooting stuff in the desert, and every now and then I’ll go out to a range and shoot some shit in the range. But, ha ha, I haven’t shot someone in a long time!

You opt for lasso attack instead?
Yeah, totally. In truth, us cowgirls are all about shooting pool and chugging beer in a bar. And wrangling the cowboys, not the cows!



How far can you spit?
It’s not very ladylike, but I’m a good spitter. You’re really making me look totally bad in this interview, you bastard! I’m fucking in cars, spitting, and flashing my dentist. And then I told you I shot someone.

We thought you were joking. You actually killed a man?
No! I didn’t kill anyone!

But you did have sex in your Hummer?

Finally, we hear you have a journalism Masters – making you more qualified than us. Have we ballsed up this interview?
Let’s see, well… not really. You haven’t asked a single question about our photo shoot. I got really sexy for you guys! It was in this rock star’s mansion and it was very sexy, moody and hot. But it’s hard not to feel sexy when you’re all dolled up in the FHM lingerie! I’m going to ask you something now. Do all English men call girls “sausages” or is it just your photographer?

Just him…
You’ve never called a girl a sausage? Interesting. We were getting into the mood, I got in my lingerie, it was feeling all sexy and then he ruined everything by calling me a sausage. It was a really strange turn-off.

Original interview by Lee Coan in the January 2006 issue of FHM UK magazine