Cameron Diaz has the biggest mouth in the whole world and is in the new Hollywood blockbuster movie film Knight & Day. That’s not a criticism of her mouth by the way. We love a woman who could fit two pies in her mouth at the same time because then she could join in with our favourite game, which is, by the way, the one where you have to fit two pies in your mouth and then eat them both while slowly pouring gravy into your own mouth to lube it up a bit. TOTES SWEET. It usually ends well because nothing bad has ever happened to anyone who eats two pies at the same time for fun rather than because they need to eat to stay alive. Once, we knew a guy who was called Crazy James, who, because he was poor at University and much preferred spending his money on cheap bottles of cider than food, would only eat one meal a day, and that meal would usually be a pizza with two pies on it. He wasn’t very imaginative but he knew what he liked. An incredible treat, we think you’ll agree.