We have a Friday gift for you. It's Candice Swanepoel modelling bikinis - lots of them -  in the new Victoria's Secret catalogue. What did you get us? Nothing? Selfish.

Candice is officially one of Victoria's Secret's 'Angels'. Is this because she's actually a being from Heaven sent down as a herald from God to teach his ways on Earth, or just because she looks really, really good in underwear? Only The Bible can answer that question, and we don't have one to hand.

Candice is from South Africa, making her the second brilliant thing that country is giving us this year, along with the World Cup.

There are tons more photos over at Popoholic, so go knock yourself out. Are they safe for work? Depends where you work. If you work in an office of fairly relaxed people, then they're fine. If you work in a convent, you probably shouldn't. Also, how do you have access to the internet, sister.

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