Not so long ago, Candice Swanepoel was pictured wearing these bikinis. Some may have thought that would be the last they'd see of her one-woman crusade to make swimwear look just unbelievably amazing. She couldn't possibly do it again, could she? Nobody has that kind of time. Or dedication to a cause. Not even Mother Theresa or one of those hippies who chain themselves to stuff to save libraries and nurseries and benches dedicated to old ladies called Mabel. GUESS WHAT. She's only bloomin' done it again!

Candice is now modelling bikinis and the odd costume for Zeki Swimwear. What is Zeki Swimwear? It is the best swimwear in the whole world because it's got a Candice Swanepoel in it!

The only way these pictures could be better is if in the background you could clearly make out a tiger waterskiing while wearing one of those hats that holds two cans of beer. That would move these pictures beyond the greatest pictures in the known world to pictures that could conceivably end all war.