Carmen Electra is still alive! Like breathing and everything, however, this is not the only good news, she is also in a bikini in a sunny locale in Malibu. 

You might already have known that Carmen was alive, but we didn't, we have a bad habbit of assuming people stop existing when they leave the celebrity limelight for a year or so.

In fact we had been mourning Michael Jackson's death several years before it happened, and we were slightly confused how a Michael Jackson tribute act managed to sell out the 02 arena for fifty dates.

Anyway, back to Carmen. Back in the day (the day being 2001/02) Carmen was a big bloody deal on FHM, consistently ranking in the top ten Sexiest Women In The World. Have you ever consistently ranked in the top ten? No, thought not.

Well, since she got old (she's gonna hit the big 4-0 on her next birthday) we've seen less of her. So for all the die hard fans who have missed her, here's what she has been up to:

- In 2008 she got engaged to Rob Patterson from nu-metal band Otep. No we hadn't heard of them other.

- In 2009 she starred in a film called Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! Which is an awesome title for a film.

- In 2010 she stood by a pool in a bikini, it's been a slow year.

Here is a video with Carmen Electra talking about her breasts, which is nice.


Here are some Carmen Electra bits from the FHM archives:

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