Mange-tout, mange-tout. You look awesome – are you comfortable showing off your body in FHM?
Yeah, I’m very happy with my body! When you’re young, you often don’t accept having curves, or having none. You spend your time dreaming about the girls in the magazines, and now I’m here…

Are you single at the moment?
I don’t have a boyfriend right now and I’m a bit sad about that. I know that there are a lot of boys who are into me, but it’s up to them to take the first step. I don’t have any special kind of boy in mind. He can be tall, short, fat, I don’t care, all I’m asking for is a little ambition and a very big sense of humour. You’re not going to believe me, but I’ve only had two serious boyfriends in my life.

But you’ve had 17,710,012 “profile views” on your MySpace page! Surely one of them has to be from Mr Right?
I’m wary of the internet – there’s no way I’ll be chatted up on it. I find it really freaky! People feel so free when they’re online that they can be really rude. My profile on MySpace attracts a lot of sexual psychos.

Would you ever go out with a blinged-up rapper?
I find these show-off guys quite… interesting. Ever since I was little, their universe has fascinated me. I find the imagery they express quite funny and sexy. Even the girls polishing the Hummers in bikinis aren’t that shocking to me. I quite like all that...

Could you ever date… an FHM writer?
After spending all this time with you... I find you very attractive! Ha!

We don’t get it, what’s so funny? There are loads of sexy R’n’B divas around at the minute, so who else are you into?
I’m a really big friend of Rihanna, and people often compare me to her. I find it very flattering to be compared to great artists like Rihanna. I’ve never had a chance to meet Beyoncé, but I love her too. I saw her on stage during the last MTV Video Music Awards and her show totally rocked my world.



What’s on your iPod at the moment?
It changes. For example, during this shoot it was playing Britney Spears to get me in a fun mood for my photos. It’s not normally what I listen to, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed it. But I also love soul by d’Angelo, a bit of Janet Jackson, Madonna, or Stevie Wonder. There’s one singer you won’t find on my iPod, but who means a lot to me and that’s 50 Cent. I’m crazy for Fiddy.

While we’re talking music, we’d better let you plug your album a bit…
I wrote two songs on this album, which I’m very proud of. It mixes rap, R’n’B and rock. I’m only 19, but, musically, I feel like I’m almost three times my age. If you listen closely to the words, you will find clues about my life – the joys and pains of being a teenager.

Finally, what’s the sexiest outfit that you own?
I’m my own stylist! I think I’m good at it. In bed, I keep it really basic – boxers and a vest. When I hang out with my friends or at home, I often wear jeans, sweatshirts… but getting dressed by FHM was a true moment of happiness. I literally fell in love with this little green dress you chose for me. And the best thing was that you offered to let me keep it! Thanks!

Original interview by FHM France/Lee Coan in the April 2007 issue of FHM UK magazine