Retro 100 Sexiest: the top 10 hotties we were going mental for in 2001

Posted by , 01 February 2010

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Most actresses have to spend years reading useless scripts in front of unforgiving, lecherous D-list directors before they land their big break – or before they decide they’ve had enough of waitressing and go back to marry their inbred high-school sweetheart.

Not so the delectable Charlize Theron, whose theatrical potential was immediately spotted by legendary talent scout John Crosby when she threw an almighty tantrum at a hapless bank clerk. Shooting up 2001’s listing into FHM’s top 10, 25-year-old Theron really put her back into keeping us glued to the big screen – she had four movies out in 2000, and five more premiered by the end of 2001.

2000 position: #52

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