In what can only be described as ‘good news’ for Cheryl Cole but ‘bad news’ for Nicole Scherzinger, Cheryl Cole might be back on the X Factor judging panel by Friday. WOWEE. That’s a hell of a recovery from a potentially lethal disease, but what happens when you’re rich, is, you get well good doctors. Then again, maybe the seriousness of her illness has all been overhyped by the media and she’ll come onto the stage of the X Factor in much the same way that Kurt Cobain came onto the main stage at Reading (when Nirvana headlined in 1992) in a wheelchair, dressed in a hospital gown and a wig to take the piss out of all the rumours that’d been flying around about him being dead. Here is the excellent moment:

Of course, Kurt Cobain probably wasn’t the one laughing or, indeed, having the last laugh when he committed suicide by blowing his face off with a shotgun two years later, but we have EVERY CONFIDENCE that nothing even remotely similar will happen to Cheryl Cole because she’s not an enormous heroin addict and hasn’t had a life long battle with depression. She was married to Ashley Cole though, which is kind of as bad as both those things, but she’ll get through it because she has lovely hair. Look at it: