Cheryl Cole has finally lodged papers for divorce against her cheating hubby Ashley Cole. There are a few defining moments in life when monumental events occur making you forever recall exactly where you found out.

Remember Jonny Wilkinson's World Cup winning drop kick. Remember Barack Obama becoming President. Remember today.

Undoubtedly you are sitting in front of your computer shedding sweet tears of manly joy.

FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World - Cheryl Cole - has just made the first step toward to being a sexy-divorcee. Hopefully Cheryl will be the kind of that sups gin and goes on the rebound to seduce scores of men.

More than likely she'll throw herself into her work and probably emerge with another handsome bastard in tow in a matter of weeks. Damn you handsome bastard!

Apparently she wants to get the proceedings all wrapped up before the World Cup this summer, so Ashley doesn't get distracted. 

Perhaps if they spliced the X-Factor with the Gladiator we could all have a shot at auditioning for Cheryl's affections. What could we possibly have to offer the sexiest woman in the world? Well we can balance a spoon on our nose and we don't wear pants like this...