Cheryl Cole is an award machine. A sexy-pop-cybernetic-organism sent back through time to be ridiculously hot and cause all other women to be deemed futile. We're terrified, aroused and slightly hungry. But rightly so, because FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World 2009 and 2010 has won Woman Of The Year at the Glamour Awards too.

Cheryl can add the award to such accolades as Sexiest Female, Style Icon Of The Decade and the much sought after - Please-Marry-Me-Cheryl-You-Eye-Melting-Sexual-Strumpet-Award from crazy Burt, who lives in the bin on our road. He made you a trophy from lint and cornflakes Cheryl, we'll post it to you.

Anyway Cheryl wore a snazzy lingerie-type dress and some big hair. Which made her look a bit like a bobble-head toy. Nevertheless, we would be honoured to have such a sexy bobble head sit on our dashboard. So, until official Cheryl Cole merchandise is produced watch the video from the night. Please reframe from kissing the screen.