News about Cheryl Cole has to be approached with a modicum of self-restraint, beleaguered as she is by emotional divorce proceedings and that scary ginger woman in Birmingham who really, really, really wanted her autograph.

But FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World 2010 has a responsibility to keep up appearances, even if she would just rather sit on the sofa picking her toenails with a Chicago Town Meat Combo pizza and six cans of Grolsch.

Thankfully, her dominance of TV, magazines and websites across the planet means she can never wear the same dress twice. If she does, the womens mags get in a huff. It can’t be easy.

And then there’s the added pressure of making sure that another FHM favourite, Natalie Imbruglia (nearly ten years Cole’s senior), doesn’t steal her pretty thunder on The X-Factor auditions judging panel.

With such a ready source of material, it’s only right we should report on the last three short skirts (actually, they're dresses really) worn by Cheryl Cole, the woman who leaves all others standing in their stilettos, coughing in her sexy dust.

Cheryl Cole at The X-Factor audtions

 cheryl cole short dress orange

Cheryl Cole at Hotel du Vin in Birmingham

cheryl cole hotel duy vin

Cheryl Cole at the Woman of the Year awards in London

cheryl cole glamour woman of the year 2010


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A short video about Cheryl divorcing Ashley Cole: