Cheryl Cole a.k.a Cheryl Tweedy a.k.a FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World, has a calendar, as all famous sexy women seem to. It includes a variety of pictures for every month, as every calendar worth it's page's should.

All you Cheryl Cole fanatics can looks forward to Cheryl Cole on a bike in the sunset, Cheryl Cole rubbing a non-descript soda can on her leg whilst looking pensive and our personal favourite - Cheryl Cole sitting on a red table next to a fan. (see below).

If you want to buy the calendar then head to If you don't want the calendar then don't head to Play. Make your choice.... NOW!

You're still here? We must say, we're glad that you are still here, but it's a shame because Cheryl's a nice girl and her calendar is pretty nice too. What's nicer than a Cheryl Cole calendar? A video about one of them Jedwards fancying Cheryl Cole? Well go on then.


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And finally a gallery of Cheryl Cole, just like a calendar, but with no dates, themed pictures or an image for every month. So, not much like a calendar.