100 Sexiest Women in the World 2007 – the Top Ten

Posted by , 02 February 2010

Cheryl Tweedy – Pop single

Cheryl Tweedy – Pop single

  • #08

    Angelina Jolie – Mother nature

  • Introduction
  • #06

    Hayden Panetierre – Heroine junkie

No – not Cheryl Cole. Call us petty and trifling, but we refuse. Hey, think of it as a tribute: last July she may have donned Ashley Cole’s £50k diamond ring at a £500,000 wedding, but you’re still voting her the seventh hottest woman on Earth. No wonder, perhaps, that Newcastle’s sexiest ever escapee has now started earning her own pocket money – a fat £200k handout to be the face of Coke Zero, plus a book and perfume range planned. No credit-crunch hungry WAG, our Cheryl. Hell, the owner of Britains’ sexiest dimples (and in the video for dreadful charity single Walk This Way, the sexiest hair too) is now even the subject of a new song by Lily Allen. So can we all agree it’s “Tweedy”, yes? Then somehow, it doesn’t seem quite so hopeless.

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