Christina Hendricks, one of the many reasons why you should watch Mad Men immediately, is in the new issue of US Esquire, being insanely beautiful, having giant boobs and talking about what women want in a man (apparently, they like you to use the word “panties” – unless, presumably, it’s followed by the word “liner” or preceded by “I like to wear ladies’…”).

Another pearl of wisdom from the Christina Hendricks Book of Things Women Love About Men (Which Seem Too Good To Be True But We’re Going To Choose To Believe Anyway): “If we’re in love with you, we love your body. Your potbelly, everything…And you don’t understand the power of your own smell. Any woman who is currently with a man is with him partly because of the way he smells. And if we haven’t smelled you for a day or two and then we suddenly are within inches of you, we swoon”.

So, women who look like Christina Hendricks like fat guys who kind of stink? Awesome.

She’s also eating a melon in the most suggestive way possible. Hooray for melons.

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