35-year-old heavenly bodied Hendricks is something of a phenomenon. Fans of slow burning advertising drama Mad Men  were the first spot her ample charms, and the rest of the world were swift to follow. Hendricks is best known for her shock of red hair and monumental breasts. Honestly, have you seen them? They’re like planets. Massive bodies of material that suck in everything around them with their massive gravitational drag. Anywho…she’s now filmed a fancy video for Broken Bells new song ‘The Ghost Inside’ which is in space and by a swimming pool which is why we made all the space jokes. Simple. The band, comprised of James Mercer (The Shins) and Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley), casts Hendricks as a sexy astronaut. Which is great and all, , but by our calculations, if NASA were to construct a Space Suit that could safely encase her monumental bosom they would blow the entire budget for the next ten years. This isn’t the first time Hendricks has cruised into space, she also played Saffron in the criminally underrated Sci-Fi show Firefly. But without further ado, here’s the video for ‘The Ghost Inside’ starring Hendriks, right here, right now, for all mankind.


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