It seems like an eternity ago that we saw Ricci as Wednesday Addams, the psychotic daughter of the criminally negligent parents who allowed their offspring to play in open graves, handle sharp implements and generally get very close to doing themselves a mischief. But we digress.

30-year-old Ricci went on to find fame and fortune in a mixture of low and high budget films. She wasn’t shy and was very attractive. Most of the time. Ricci has yo-yo’d in and out of hotness for years. But thankfully the other night at the Museum of Modern Art she was having a hot day. And she also showcased a new and interesting phenom, the upside down cleavage. Sure it’s an odd dress, even confusing. But it’s definitely hot right? Y’know, whatever, it is. There’s some bottom boob, you can see her stomach, yes, she’s ticked all the boxes. Even if she does sort of resemble an emu in mourning.

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