Are you good at sending paper-based thanks?
Now you mention it, I have never, ever written a thank you letter. God – that’s really bad isn’t it? I feel terrible. Sorry everyone, although I blame it on my parents. They never made me.

Any barnet nightmares?
I had one style that was supposed to look like it was layered, but ended up as a massive bowl cut with hair underneath. That scarred me. People kept on pointing, laughing and shouting, “Mullet!”

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?
Flying really terrifies me. Recently, I went to Vegas and did a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. It was meant to be a birthday present, but it was horrendous – I screamed from start to finish.

Have you kissed a girl and liked it?
I honestly haven’t. My best friend’s gorgeous and people always nudge us and say “go on”, but I just wouldn’t do that. I’d rather kiss boys. I like that.

Have you got a dog?
This is awful, because I love animals, but I had a puppy and gave him away after a week. It was a Japanese spitz that looked like a baby husky. I left him in my all-white living room for the day, then came back to find the walls covered in shit. He’d rolled around in it and then jumped up the walls. It stank and I found him another home quick smart.

What’s your record run distance?
I do 20 minutes on the cross-trainer, then give up. I couldn’t go longer, even if you paid me.

A clean bedroom or bathroom. Your view?
A clean bathroom: 100%. Everyone’s bedroom is untidy, but a dirty bathroom, ugh! That says something really bad about you. I actually dumped a guy because of his disgusting bathroom once. It was going well, then I saw the grime and he was gone.

A bit like Cillit Bang, then…What do you look for in boyfriend?
I like men to be really relaxed and trust is obviously a massive issue. They have got to be funny – personality beats looks – and laid back. As soon as anything becomes a hassle I can’t be bothered.

What’s your best bit of career advice?
Thrive on criticism. If anyone gives you any negative feedback you go out, do what they said you couldn’t do and prove them wrong.

Original interview by Stuart Hood in the January 2009 issue of FHM UK magazine