So, why did you decide to return to FHM after all these years?
Because the boys at FHM France are so nice to me.

Well thank you, but we have to know – you’ve left porn and now have an album out. Why, oh why did you leave porn?
I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I sing to myself all the time. But I hesitated before deciding I would go for a singer’s career. I thought people might have negative reactions, because of what I’d done before. But I decided it was a natural progression.

What’s the weirdest bit of fan mail you’ve ever received?
I’ve had people send me cut-outs from newspapers and glued on paper to spell words. And, even more freaky, dolls wrapped up in a videotape. I hate that sort of thing.

Mmm, creepy. It wasn’t us. Did you know your bum was voted the best ever in FHM UK?
Yes, and I’m proud of it. But there are better bums than mine – Nelly Furtado for example.

We haven’t seen her films. Do you think today’s porn is too filthy?
Homemade porn is getting more and more trashy, while the top end films are almost too perfect – the women are unreal. I only shot average budget movies but they were more classical, more real without being trashy.


How would you describe French women to FHM UK readers?
The most beautiful in the world! No, actually that’s going too far. But I do think we’re the most sexually liberated nation in the world.

And what do you think of Brits…?
I like British guys a lot. I shop in London but there’s too many French people over there, so it’s not like you’ve actually changed country!

Finally, what did you do last night?
I slept with a girlfriend.

Brilliant. How was it?
Not like that – we had a “girls’ party” and she stayed at my place. I live alone at the moment, so I have people over to keep me company.

Original interview by Tom Cullen in the February 2007 issue of FHM UK magazine