From ‘get rich quick’ schemes to that e-mail from a Nigerian prince offering to deposit his fortune into “YoUR BaNK todAy”, the world revolves around scams. But what makes feisty con artist Jessica-Jane Clement’s tricks so exceptional on BBC Three’s The Real Hustle is the way it exposes our pathetic inability to concentrate the instant this 24-year-old honey strolls into sight. Now Clement’s done the previously unthinkable – and agreed to exclusively reveal her finest scams… If you're rich enough, then simply scroll down to Jessica-Jane's equally revealing gallery.

9/ Blow a bottle top into a beer bottle

Beer caps, hyperventilating mates, humiliation

The bet: Your chum can’t blow a bent bottle cap into the bottle it’s resting in
1. Lay an empty bottle on its side, then take a bottle cap and bend it in half.
2. Balance it just in the mouth of the horizontal bottle, making sure it doesn’t accidentally fall in.
3. Lastly, ask your mate to blow the cap in then watch his frustration as it keeps popping out. Why? Because his breath has caused a vacuum that gets trapped in the bottle, effectively blowing the cap back out.

Jessica says: “Figure out exactly what people think before you try this on. Play to their personality to end up with the best hustle.”

8/ Voodoo transfer

Blaine-inspired tomfoolery

The bet: That actions you perform on yourself are transferrable to others
1. Put a small bit of cigarette ash on the tip of your index fingers.
2. Ask your victim to hold out his hands face down. Take hold of them, and say: ‘No, move them slightly lower’. As you move their hands, move your fingers, rubbing a bit of ash on their palm. Finish by getting them to ball their fists.
3. Take a cigarette, light it then stub it out quickly on your palm. Ask them to open their hands. They’ll see the ash then stare aghast.

Jessica says: “It’s all about distraction. The more attention you put on your victim, the more effective this’ll be. Keep them pre-occupied, use eye contact and hold their gaze.” Job done.

7/ Whisky in the jar

Turning water into booze

The bet: That you can make a shot of whisky and a separate shot of water swap glasses without using another receptacle.
1. Fill one glass with water, the other with whisky.
2. Take a playing card or driving licence and hold it over the shot of water. Flip it over and place it upside down on top of the whisky shot
. 3. Carefully slide the card away, creating a teeny gap between the two, then gasp as the heavier water drops down into the whisky glass, forcing the whisky up into the water glass. Finally, remove the card with the upturned whisky shot in, holding the card securely in place and place the now-whisky-filled glass on the table. Gloat.

Jessica says: “This is tricky. It looks great if you pull it off, but you need a steady hand.”

6/ Beer money

Using notes to save notes…

The bet: That you can open a bottle of beer using nothing but a normal £5 note
1. Fold the £5 note in half lengthways then roll it tightly like a cigarette.
2. Fold again, making a tight ‘V’ with both sides.
3. Grip the bottle’s neck with your hand to act as a fulcrum, stick the corner of the note under the lip of the cap, lever it off, drink deeply.

Jessica says: “I’d try this on a bloke. Because of how I look, groups of lads always fall for it.”

5/ Olive bridge

Physics + snacks = cash

The bet: Using no hands, make an olive jump a hurdle into a whisky glass
1. Make the hurdle by balancing a drinks straw between two glasses. Now place the whisky glass on the other side of the hurdle.
2. Place a wide-brimmed glass over the olive and start swirling the glass with your wrist, forcing the olive to roll around inside.
3. Whisk the olive around under the glass faster and faster. The centrifugal force will carry it up into the glass. The key to this is keeping your wrist spinning as you carry the olive – now sucked up into the top of the glass – over the hurdle before depositing it into the glass.

Jessica says: “Practice this a lot before you do it. And you must use a wide-brimmed glass.”

4/ Pulling the rug

Start rolling in notes. Literally…

The bet: You can pull a £5 note from underneath a beer bottle balanced on its neck without it falling over
1. Lay a £5 note out on the table, balance an upside down bottle in the middle of it.
2. Take the two corners of a shorter edge of a note between your thumb and forefinger.
3. Carefully roll the note up like a cigarette until free. Place the note in your mouth and waggle it like a comedy Groucho Marx cigar.

Jessica says: “I annoyed a group of lads with this. Men hate being tricked by a woman.”

3/ Multiplying money

‘Mind-boggling’ arithmetic nets you cash…

The bet: Non-existent. Instead, this one relies on your pal’s poor maths skills
1. Ask a friend to lend you £20 and put it in a matchbox. Put £20 of your own cash in, too.
2. Tell your friend that you will sell them the matchbox, now with £40 in, for a mere £30. They’re thinking: bargain!
3. In reality they will have just forked out £50. Which means you’re pocketing £30 – which is £10 more than you originally put in.

Jessica says:“This is all in the wording. Don’t give them time to think because if you wait too long, they’ll work it out and the game will be up.”

2/ Smoking fingers

Pure pub witchcraft

The bet: Making fingers smoke by rubbing them together
1. Take a flat matchbook then head to the bathroom.
2. Run cold water in the sink, peel the strike off the matchbook and place it on top of the tap. Then set fire to it. The condensation on the tap will catch the dark residue.
3. Wipe that dark residue off the tap with your index finger. Then return to the pub and make the bet. Start rubbing your fingers together to release a fine powder that looks just like smoke.

Jessica says: “Try it on women because we love a bit of magic. It makes you seem mysterious…

1/ The cheapest drink

One beer trick that intentionally fails

The bet: Put a beer mat on top of a friend’s pint, bet him £1 that you can drink it without removing the mat
1. Once they accept, flip off the beer mat and down their drink.
2. Concede that you lost the bet and hand over the pound.
3. Yup, you just got a pint for a quid.

Jessica says: “This one is cheeky! Although you have to be able to talk rubbish and wing it if it gets you in trouble. Basically, being a good hustler is about being a good liar.”