Kelly Brook came from nowhere to be crowned the Sexiest Woman in the World back in 2005. Oh, and how we celebrated. Fist-pumping. High-fives. Drunken requests for DJs to play Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. It just goes to show, a big win in the world's most prodigiously sexy democracy can sort you right out. Kelly Brook's not had to go looking for work since. On her most recent occasion to get out of bed, Ultimo, the 'Leading Designer Lingerie Brand', asked Kelly to model their new SS10 collection. "There is something incredibly sensual about lingerie; I find that it always makes me feel confident and sexy, knowing I've got something beautiful underneath my clothes," said Kelly, as everyone else in the room nodded, dutifully.

As you'd expect from one of our all time favourites, Kelly is no stranger to being snapped in her lingerie for the big names in fashion. She posed in a saucy range at New Look back in 2006 - just check out these pics.

Kelly Brook in bikini