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Dianna Agron — Three Cheers

Dianna Agron
""Whatever energy you put out, that’s the kind of the energy you receive back.""
Full name: Dianna Agron
DOB: April 30, 1986
Place of birth: Savannah, Georgia, USA
Occupation: Actress, singer and dancer

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #44

Dianna Agron facts

  • Dianna Agron is most famous for her role in Glee as cheerleader Quinn Fabray.

  • She was chosen by, a popular lesbian site, as eighth in their Hot 100 2011 list.

  • She has a tattoo of the words “Mary had a little lamb” on account of her mum being called Mary. Which is sort of cute.

Why we love Dianna Agron

If you're thinking that Dianna Agron's surname is a bit weird, that's because it was changed by Ellis Island officials back in the day when her father's Russian family emigrated to the great US of A. If it weren't for early 20th Century xenophobia in America, she'd be called Dianna Agronsky instead, which makes more sense but is, admittedly, a bit less memorable.

Dianna's role as cheerleader Quinn Fabray on honestly-we-never-watch-it-it's-just-on-in-the-background Glee had a basis in truth – she's been dancing since she was three years-old. Well. Not literally – her feet would’ve come off, surely – but she's certainly been active since the age of three, and started teaching dance lessons as a teenager at high school.

Her film debut was in When A Stranger Calls, a slasher flick, in which she also played a cheerleader - elsewhere, you might have seen her in Heroes (in which she played, um, a cheerleader again), Burlesque (non-cheerleader) and the let’s-all-share-the-Earth’s-resources documentary Unity (which she narrated, possibly while wearing a cheerleader outfit – we can’t know for certain).

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