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Florrie — Drum Machine

"I like to make music that people want to dance to."
Full name: Florence Arnold
DOB: December 28, 1988
Place of birth: Bristol, England
Occupation: Drummer, Guitarist, Singer, DJ

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #92

Florrie facts

  • Florrie is a singer, drummer and DJ. And she looks good in dungarees too, which is an achievement

  • She's released most of her music online for free, as it gave fans a “chance to discover her” instead of being told about her through a major record label

  • She's appeared in an advert for Nina Ricci perfume in which she sings a (pretty solid) cover of Blondie's Sunday Girl, and you can listen to it here

Why we love Florrie

Florrie is a statisical rarity – a gorgeous woman who's also really good on the drums. We're impressed on both counts.

Florrie, rapidly becoming an electro-pop icon thanks to her chilled out music and kinda old-fashioned, kinda new-fangled sound, took up drumming at the age of six while on holiday in Greece. Despite playing various gigs in her home town of Bristol, she never really made an impact until she moved to London and took up with Xenomania.

What's Xenomania? Well, firstly, it's a mental condition where you're overly-enthusiastic about strange and foreign things. But in Florrie's case, it was a songwriting house (they're responsible for all but the first Girls Aloud albums, and they've worked with The Sugababes, The Pet Shop Boys, Texas, you name it) and she rose to relative fame in their in-house band as a drummer.

It's easy to accuse Florrie of success just because she's beautiful – and she is – but you'd be dead wrong there. Even though she's still finding her musical feet, she's turned out some quality work and she's only going to get better from here on in.

She's released two albums - Introduction and Experiments - so far, and she's working on a third; and she doesn't just play the drums on them, either, as she's hired a boy to do that for her. Instead, she's singing and remixing, and sounding pretty good doing both.

If you want to give her a listen, she's made a whole bunch of her music available for free – that's entirely free, like, zero pounds – at her website, and you could do worse than popping over there and having a quick look around.

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