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Jessica Michibata — Oriental express

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Jessica Michibata
""I’ve been pretty lucky. Maybe I have good genes.""
Full name: Jessica Celeste Michibata
DOB: October 21, 1984
Place of birth: Fukui, Fukui Prefecture. Japan
Occupation: Model

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #50 | 2010 #69

Jessica Michibata facts

  • Jessica is best known in Japan as a fashion model, but best known in Britain for being Jenson Button’s missus.

  • Both her sisters are also fashion models.

  • Button said he'd propose if he won the 2009 World Championship. He won the title but didn't get down on one knee. We wouldn't keep you waiting, Jessica...

Why we love Jessica Michibata

Japanese/Argentine fashion model Jessica Michibata and Nicole Scherzinger should just get it over with and have a race. As the respective squeezes of Formula One teammates Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, the pair must’ve already exchanged plenty of faux-friendly banter in the pit.

For the record, our money’s on Scherzinger. She’s more of a sturdy gym-bunny type than Michibata, whose delicate charms have seen her earn mega-yen for wearing fancy clothes and having her photo taken looking sultry and/or sexy and/or slightly stressed. Her world-conquering are all down to a canny mixture of genes, from an Argentine father and a Japanese mother. The world demands more Argentine-Japanese fashion models!

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