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Keeley Hazell — All-Time Great

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Keeley Hazell
"If I'm swimming in a pool and my bikini pops off, I'm not bothered – I’ll just carry on."
Full name: Keeley Rebecca Hazell
DOB: November 22, 1984
Place of birth: Lewisham, London, England
Occupation: Kentish melon farmer

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #21 | 2012 #8 | 2010 #5 | 2009 #5 | 2008 #3 | 2007 #2 | 2006 #2

Keeley Hazell facts

  • Glamour-model Keeley granted FHM her last-ever shoot for our January 2013 issue.

  • Her 2008 calendar topped's best-seller list.

  • She's posed naked for PETA, saying: "Once you learn how the fur trade treats animals, it's impossible to think of wearing fur as sexy or glamorous."

  • She's also a keen environmentalist, and was hailed a “hero” by the Conservatives in 2006. Amen to that.

Why we love Keeley Hazell

Since winning the Sun’s Page 3 Idol competition way back in 2004, Miss Hazell has been a fixture in the world of British pin-uppery. With more magazine shoots than virtually any other model of her generation, she’s forever earned herself a place in glamour-model history. And with no less than five FHM covers to her name, she could lay claim to being our favourite – and most popular – model of all time.

Of course, she’s more than just a pretty face and amazing (amaaaaazing) body: Keeley’s also made headway into moviedom, having made impressive appearances in such movies as Like Crazy and St. George’s Day. She declared that her shoot for FHM’s January 2013 issue will be her last; our loss is movie-making’s gain. Sob. Sniff. No, we’re... we’re fine, Keeley. Just go. Just... just go...

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