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Mollie King — Saturday Job

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Mollie King
"I like a bit of lingering eye contact, but then they have to come over, because there’s no way I'm gonna go over there"
Full name: Mollie Elizabeth King
DOB: June 4, 1987
Place of birth: Richmond, Surrey, England
Occupation: Singer

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2013 #18 | 2012 #14

Mollie King facts

  • Mollie is one of two members of The Saturdays who can play the guitar, the other being Una Healy.

  • Mollie can't sit cross-legged.

  • A horsefly bite kept her from performing live in 2010, and left her on crutches.

Why we love Mollie King

Believe it or not, as a kid, Mollie was a bit of a demon on the old skis, going from her school's ski team, to the British Children's Ski Team, and then on to a scholarship in the British Ski Academy. Winter Olympics glory looked to be in her future.

Thankfully for the world of pop-music and pop-music videos with pretty ladies in them, Mollie decided than singing was more her thing that skiing although breaking into the music biz didn't come easy. Her first attempt was auditioning for The X Factor as a solo artist in 2005 – she got good feedback but was told to come back when she was older. Which she did, two years later, this time as part of girl-band Fallen Angelz who got as far as the boot-camp stage. Still, Mollie didn't dwell on it: she ditched the Angelz and by the end of the year was part of the hottest new girl-band on the planet, The Saturdays.

She's the posh, upbeat, smiley one in the group, with Frankie Sandford apparently giving her the nickname “Miss Disney”. She's sharp as a tack too, getting straight As in her psychology, sport, and business and economics A-levels. We're not writing off the possibility of her harbouring a secret wild-side, however – we all know how The Blonde One out of Girls Aloud turned out.

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