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Natalie Portman — Brains and beauty

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Natalie Portman
"I'm not really prudish about doing nudity. I think it's beautiful in films, and sex is such a big part of life."
Full name: Natalie Hershlag
DOB: June 9, 1981
Place of birth: Jerusalem, Israel
Occupation: Actress

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #71 | 2011 #19 | 2010 #63 | 2009 #25 | 2008 #39 | 2007 #56 | 2006 #48 | 2005 #74 | 2004 #74 | 2003 #97 | 2002 #43 | 2001 #84 | 2000 #63

Natalie Portman facts

  • Hit the big time in cult assassin flick Leon, then bagged the role of Queen Amidala in Star Wars.

  • Stripped nude for arty 10 minute flick Hotel Chevalier.

  • Played a seductive pink-haired stripper in Closer, for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

  • Won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role as Nina in Black Swan.

Why we love Natalie Portman

Born in Israel as Natalie Hershlag, Natalie Portman is now probably the most famous Natalie in the world. She’s also whip-smart, having been educated at one of those posh universities in American where all the men look like characters from .

And yet beyond the brains – she left Harvard in 2003 with a degree in psychology – is a gorgeously impish actress who really knows her craft, and manages to look as good in second-hand Boho wear as she does in an Oscar gown. There's a big heart, too – Natalie Portman is active in a very big way with an organisation called Finca, which helps fund businesswomen in developing countries.

Natalie Portman was a child star who held her own in Leon, despite being up against Jean Reno and Gary Oldman. She was one of the less objectionable things in ‘the new but set before the old ones’ , she kissed Mila Kunis in Black Swan, fired arrows and showed her bottom in the very unappreciated , hung out with Thor in Thor, and had a baby and won an Oscar.

Now, Natalie Portman will star in not one, but two of reclusive auteur and sleepy cat look-a-like Terrence Malicks new films. Lawless and The Knight of Cups will shoot back to back. And that’s about all we know about them. Sorry.

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