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Olivia Munn — Geek Goddess

Olivia Munn
"I am the same on camera as I am off. I can’t imagine being any other way."
Full name: Lisa Olivia Munn
DOB: July 3, 1980
Place of birth: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
Occupation: Actress, model, TV presenter and author

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #40 | 2011 #88 | 2010 #52

Olivia Munn facts

  • Olivia spent most of her childhood in Tokyo, as her stepfather was assigned there by the US military.

  • Her favourite videogame is Metal Gear Solid 4; her favourite real-world hobby is surfing.

  • In 2010, she released her autobiography, Suck It, Wonder Woman: Confessions Of A Hollywood Geek.

Why we love Olivia Munn

These days, celeb ladies will sometimes pretend to be down with the cellar-dwelling geek crowd, purely so that can win themselves a super-loyal, super-lucrative nerd fanbase. “Oh, I’m a total geek,” they’ll giggle in interview. “I’m, like, forever playing Call Of World Of Warcraft Duty on my Nintendo PSBox 3! And OMG right now I’m in the middle of a Spider-Bat graphic novel where he totally punches, er, the Jokester in the face.”

Olivia Munn, however, is the real deal. Rising to fame as the co-host of US geek-fest programme Attack Of The Show!, she's gone on to win the nerd nation's undying love with several major appearances at Comic Con, a role in Iron Man 2, and adorkably goofy appearances on The Daily Show, Chuck and New Girl. We’ve long suspected that she is, in fact, a beautiful robot that's being remote-operated by 28-stone action-figure collector who lives in his nan's basement but until our theory’s proven, we’re happy to maintain our all-consuming crush on her.

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