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Sandra Bullock — Out Of This World

Sandra Bullock
Full name: Sandra Annette Bullock
DOB: July 26, 1964
Place of birth: Arlington County, Virginia
Occupation: Actress

Sandra Bullock facts

  • Sandra is half German.

  • Her film The Heat was the most financially successful comedy of 2013.

  • She donated $1 million aid to a Haiti earthquake charity.

Why we love Sandra Bullock

Where do we even begin with Sandra Bullock? Maybe when she strutted her stuff in that super-tight, super-sexy pink dress in Miss Congeniality? Or when she picked up the Best Actress Oscar for Blinde Side?

Well, whenever it was, we fell in love with her all over again when she gave one helluva performance in Gravity in 2013. Sure, it might not have been the sexiest role in the world, but she absolutely kicked ass in it. It's that talent, passion and, in other cases, complete comic brilliance that makes her one of our favourite actresses of all-time.

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