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Una Healy — One of a five

Una Healy
"My New Year’s resolution is not getting papped when I’m pissed."
Full name: Una Healy
DOB: October 10, 1981
Place of birth: Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland
Occupation: Singer, One fifth of The Saturdays

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #66 | 2011 #41 | 2010 #19

Una Healy facts

  • Una won Hottest Female at The Virgin Media Music Awards 2009.

  • She was an all-Ireland champion swimmer as a youngster.

  • She taught herself how to play the guitar at the age of 13.

  • She's the 'wild child' of the band.

Why we love Una Healy

The most musically gifted – and not just the token Irish one – of The Saturdays, Una Healey has been playing guitar since she was 13 and for the past decade earned a crust playing Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child of Mine in pubs around Limerick. She does the whole ‘growly rock woman’ bit to give their songs some oomph.

Assured, self-effacing and the kind of good-fun Irish girl you might meet on holiday, instantly fall for and be absolutely heart broken when you find out she obviously has a boyfriend. Although you wouldn’t know it to look at her (and we all have in great depth) Una Healey is 28! That makes her a veritable pensioner compared to the rest of her band mates. This is far from a bad thing, as just like a fine wine, some things get better with age and Una has that sexy swagger of a more mature woman that the other girls are yet to attain.

Initially Una would have been Miss Healey as she started out on a teacher-training course – how are you meant to concentrate with Una at the front of the class banging on about oxbow lakes? But with musicians for parents she was always going to follow in their footsteps and dropped out to focus on music. Una Healy attributes her good looks and excellent figure to her mum’s genes – but we think the fact she was a champion swimmer when she was younger must have contributed to her remarkable abs.

Una is also in a proper relationship with Northampton Saints and England rugby star Ben Foden. Considering he plays fullback, scrumhalf or wing, and is an international rugby player, we can't see any obstacles in our plan to woo her away from him.

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