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Yasmin — DJ Knockout

"I don't like things neat and tidy, I like things raw."
Full name: Yasmin Zarine Shahmir
DOB: December 21, 1988
Place of birth: Manchester, England
Occupation: DJ and Musician

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2012 #60

Yasmin facts

  • Yasmin has spun records for Taio Cruz, NERD and Eve.

  • She was born in Manchester but raised in Glasgow, so her accent is an adorable hybrid of the two.

  • She got a pet hamster instead of a boyfriend.

  • She once went wild with Example and they threw buckets of limes across a club.

Why we love Yasmin

This disk jockey and all round musical bundle of gorgeousness got to be Pharrell's support act by er... well by phoning up actually, which is just not how things happen for ugly folk like us. For beautiful people like Yasmin it's par for the course really.

Luckily, unlike us, her karaoke skills were more than up to scratch and ever since she's been collaborating with big names such as Devlin (on Runaway) Chase and Status, SBTRKT and drum and bass legend Shy FX.

Not only is Yasmin an 100% authentically sexy girl, she got integrity yeah. She writes all her own stuff and has vowed she'll never just get handed a 'nice song' to sing because she refuses to make crap generic music.

And here's another thing. She's just so flipping NICE. Generous and charitable for sharing her utter hotness with us yes, but also for not wanting to mug us of our money and return the favour by blasting musical excrement into our ears. She says "Why the hell should you work really hard for your money and then spend it on my album if I haven't put the effort in?" Told you she was lovely.

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