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Alexis Jordan — Good Girl

Alexis Jordan
"I realised I wanted to be a singer when I was really young. I always used to tell my mother, "Mom I wanna be singer, mom I wanna be a singer.""
Full name: Alexis Jordan
DOB: April 7, 1992
Place of birth: Colombia, South Carolina, USA
Occupation: Singer

Alexis Jordan facts

  • Alexis is a singer, best known for her songs Happiness and Good Girl.

  • She had a minor role in straight-to-video dance flick Honey 2.

  • She collaborated with Sean Paul in his song Got 2 Luv U, which reached Number One in both Bulgaria AND Switzerland. Which is nice.

Why we love Alexis Jordan

Alexis Jordan is basically from everywhere: born in South Carolina to a mother of African American, Native American and European descent and a Puerto Rican father, there's more international blood in her than you'd find in a bunch of UN delegates whacked in a blender and set on 'Pulse'.

Alexis Jordan's road to fame has not been an easy one. Despite doing pretty well on America's Got Talent (which is very similar to Britain's Got Talent, but with one fairly important difference) in 2006, she was kicked off in the semi-finals and started uploading videos of her cover songs to YouTube in an attempt to gain recognition of her talents. By 2008, her channel was almost as popular as one that showed videos of cats falling over, and Stargate got in touch with her to offer support.

'Stargate' as in Norwegian music producing company, by the way, not the giant glowy water-portals to another world which is remarkably similar to ancient Egypt but not really. With their skills behind Alexis Jordan – and a helping hand from a friendly chap hailing from New York known as Jay-Z – she managed to put out her first single, Happiness, in 2010.

Even though Alexis Jordan's second single Good Girl didn't do so well commercially, it is superior in our opinion – but horses for courses, eh? 2012 sees the release of her second album, which features her (and we quote from a transcription of her YouTube video on the topic) - “writing about different things cause I'm like all messed up cause I'm talking about girl power then I'm talking about myself and how people don't really know me that well so they gone get to know me in this song." Uh, good?

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