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Alice Coulthard — Sexy soapstar

Alice Coulthard
"(On her nervous breakdown storyline) I was really crying, my hair was breaking and my nails were breaking from all the stress."
Full name: Alice Coulthard
DOB: 1983
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Played Maisie Wylde in Emmerdale

Alice Coulthard facts

  • One infamous Emmerdale storyline involved her having an incestuous relationship with her half-brother.

  • Starred in her first film - The Cement Garden - at the age of 10. Coincidently it was about incest too.

  • She married White Rose Movement bassist Owen Dyke in 2010.

Why we love Alice Coulthard

Happily swerving the anvil-esque jawline of her Formula One namesake, Alice Coulthard represents a rare sexy-lady shaped appearance from the Emmerdale camp. She has appeared in just about every British soap you care about. Not many then. Alice has rung up roles in Holby City, The Bill and Emmerdale - obviously. Although her most memorable storyline was the incestuous drunkard - but we can't remember why?

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