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Alice Eve — Brainy beauty

Alice Eve
"I was in a production of Les Misrables when I was 12 at school. I played an old drunk man and people laughed."
Full name: Alice Sophia Eve
DOB: February 6, 1982
Place of birth: London, England
Occupation: Actress

Alice Eve facts

  • Alice Eve is an English actress, but she can pull off a pretty good American accent when she needs to.

  • Her parents are both actors, and she and her mother have appeared onscreen as a mother/daughter combo.

  • Alice has heterochromatic eyes - one's green, and the other's blue.

Why we love Alice Eve

Despite being born with two first names instead of a first and a second name like most other people, Alice Eve has done very well as an actress. Born in London to actor parents – Trevor Eve, the shouty lead character from Waking The Dead, and Sharon Maughan, who's done a bunch of TV shows including Inspector Morse back in the day - she's done well by being a) quite good at acting and b) mind-blowingly, jaw-droppingly, astonishingly beautiful.

After graduating from Oxford University (where she read English and proved she's a proper clever clogs), Alice Eve moved into TV roles – including Belgian dectective-a-thon Poirot - and films, such as University-challenge comedy Starter for 10 (which also featured Rebecca Hall, who we're kind of in love with a bit) and Big Nothing, in which she and Simon Pegg (who took on an ill-advised American accent) tried to outwit Ross off Friends. It turned out badly for everyone involved, if we remember correctly. Ending theme was fantastic, though.

More recently Alice Eve's starred in Sex and the City 2, and She's Out of My League, in which an “average” looking guy tries to woo her – and hilarity ensues! Of course, this is Hollywood, so by “average” they mean “quite good-looking.” Still, it's all fun and games, right?

She's appeared in plays, too – Cyrano de Bergerac, which featured almost no John Nettles whatsoever (very disappointing) and Rock 'n' Roll, written by FHM's Official Favourite Playwright Tom Stoppard. Man, that dude turns out some good plays. He'd probably love Men in Black III, which is Alice Eve's next big flick.

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