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Alice Goodwin — A-B-C-D-E Double F

Alice Goodwin
"I guess I'm a bit of a tease..."
Full name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
DOB: December 13th, 1985
Place of birth: Stoke-on-Trent
Occupation: Model/teacher

Alice Goodwin facts

  • Each of Alice's 32FF breasts weigh one and a half pounds.

  • Alice's stalkers include a girl pretending to be a boy and a man in Leicestershire who sends her chocolate.

  • Alice has Twitter, but never used it. Ever.

  • You can remember all your important dates in style - Alice has her own 2011 calender.

Why we love Alice Goodwin

Everyone remembers a fit teacher at school. Ours was Miss Dixon, and despite the fact she was the most gorgeous woman in the world, she was a woodwork teacher, which was a bit odd. Something about those protective goggles…

Anyway, we digress. Alice Goodwin is going to be teaching some of the luckiest little blighters in the world, because she’s training to be a teacher. Which is kind of awesome.

Zoo crowned Alice Goodwin World’s Sexiest Teacher, England’s Fittest Fan and last year she was number one in their annual Hot 100 list. That’s quite a CV. But we’ve worked at Morrisons as a shelf stacker (and we were subsequently fired) so, you know, take that Alice Goodwin.

Alice was first discovered by talent scouts from The Daily Star while she was sunbathing on Bournemouth beach. Can you imagine that job? It’s a hot day, your boss tells you to go to Bournemouth and see if there are any fitties loitering about. Best. Job. Ever (apart from working at FHM of course).

Since then she has appeared in Zoo, Nuts and Maxim, and has done some modeling on babe channel Elite TV. She has previously said that she’d really like to follow in the footsteps of Lucy Pinder, and as it happens, the beach Alice Goodwin was photographed on was the same one Lucy was discovered on.

We can only imagine how amazing this beach is, if girls like Alice and Lucy regularly hang out there.

Pack your stuff; we’re off to Bournemouth.

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