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Amanda Rosa — Kissed by a rose

Amanda Rosa
"Being pretty isn’t enough if you don’t have anything inside, if you have a peanut instead a brain."
Full name: Amanda Rosa da Silva
DOB: February 27th 1980
Place of birth: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Occupation: Model, Television presenter

Amanda Rosa facts

  • FHM Mexico cover star.

  • Presenter of the programme Telehit on Mexican TV.

  • She says it is her dream to be happy in a beach cottage with a white picket fence, two labradors and a cat.

  • She also says she is very demanding. Not budging on the cat then.

Why we love Amanda Rosa

Star of Mexico’s Telehit channel on which she looks fit and introduces music videos, Amanda is a Brazilian model who got famous in Central America. Having dropped out of law school because she had no money, she decided to use her natural assets to get ahead in the world, and ended up an FHM cover star.

Having said that, she doesn’t like people thinking of her “as just a body, a face and some boobs”, but appreciates that “it’s good to know I have this sexy side”. Something that readers of FHM Mexico know all about.

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