The 24-year-old Seyfried is growing in our estimations. Each time she appears in the news or at a premier she gets bigger and brighter on our radars. Here she's at another premiere for another fairly saccharine film about someone writing letters, this time they’re going to Juliet, it’s called Letters To Juliet. But with each premiere, we get a bit more skin. At Dear John she showed tantalising glimpses of her clearly awesome boobs, and here it’s her epic pins that are peeking out like blue bell in the spring thaw. True she won’t shy away from nudity. In Chloe she played a racy temptress who showed a flash of side-boob. At the moment we’re still enjoying this coy game she’s playing. But we’re also nervous. What if like a once loved band that you found and cherished all as your own, Seyfried gets discovered as the hottie she so clearly is. All it needs is one scary breakout role and we could loose her. Amanda, we’ll even forgive you for Mamma Mia.


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