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Amy Childs — Essex beaut(ician)

Amy Childs
"I'd love to be an underwear model, but if not then I'd love to be on QVC or another shopping channel selling cosmetics."
Full name: Amy Andrea Childs
DOB: 1991
Place of birth: Brentwood, Essex, England
Occupation: Beautician, Model

Her History in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

2011 #53

Amy Childs facts

  • Star of The Only Way Is Essex, Amy's spot on the reality show and her catchphrases have won her an army of fans.

  • She's fronting Caprice's lingerie range. Good -we can't wait to see more of her front.

  • She wants to further enhance her chest - all in the hope of overtaking her idol Jordan.

  • She would like to get married at Disneyland. Whether or not it'd be a Mickey Mouse wedding remains to be seen.

Why we love Amy Childs

It'd be fair to say that the down to earth queen of Essex is humble about finding fame unexpectedly - she's even confessed that she pinches herself daily at the success of The Only Way Is Essex. Her warm nature has won over viewers, who now tune in religiously just to hear Amy’s latest new catchphrase concoction. Normally, we'd find hearing, "Shut up, babe!" pretty irritating, but Amy has the sort of looks that make it all alright.

Successful in her own right before the show as a beautician, she claims to give the best spray tans in London. We would test this claim and pay her a visit, but we're just not sure if looking like the colour of wood is for us.

We're also pretty fond of Amy for dating men just like us. She rates a man who can make her laugh (we definitely tick that box), and hates anyone buying her affection (that suits our wallet quite nicely). But she's pretty judgmental on the dancefloor - she reckons if you can’t 'sexy dance' then don’t even bother hitting the floor. Noted. Consider us booked in for a Sexy Dancing 101 class.

Amy can also be heard playing agony aunt to visitors to her salon - her words of wisdom have even persuaded fellow TOWIE cast member Jessica Wright to get a boob job. Good work Amy - that's much better advice than anything Dear Deidre would hand out.

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