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Amy Jackson — A Brit in Bollywood

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Amy Jackson
"I'd walk around the house in my underwear, definitely. You've got to keep it spicy and fresh."
Full name: Amy Louise Jackson
DOB: January 31, 1991
Place of birth: Isle of Man, England
Occupation: Model and actress

Amy Jackson facts

  • Jackson’s role as Amy Wilkinson in Bollywood movie Madrasapattinam was her first-ever attempt at acting. Like, ever.

  • The first film sold out for six straight weeks at the Indian box office. We know, because we tried to get tickets.

  • Amy once swam with sharks to raise money for The Children's Variety Club.

Why we love Amy Jackson

Isle Of Wight-er Amy got her big break when she won Miss Teen World 2008; a contract with a modelling agency was part of her prize, and after seeing her pics on the model agency’s website, a big-deal Bollywood producer got in touch to see if she’d be interested in starring in his next movie. That film – entitled Madrasapattinam, about a British Governor’s daughter (Amy) in 1947 India – was a huuuge success – it was basically India’s Titanic – and made Amy the huge Bollywood star that she is today. Kind of a weird and random success story, but a success story nonetheless.

In 2010, Amy took time out from being Bollywood’s favourite Brit to appear in FHM’s Lingerie Special, for which we will be forever – forever and ever – grateful.

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